Argentine Tango & Salsa Instructor

Christine is one of New Orleans leading “Traditional Argentine Tango” instructor and dancer. Her style of teaching is insightful, engaging and with a touch of humor. She has been deeply intrigued by the Argentine Tango, its music, culture, and the local, national, and international tango community. Determined to better understand the techniques and the emotions of this beautiful dance, Christine has worked diligently with Ector Gutierrez Sr. a leader of the New Orleans tango community. Passionate to improve her skills, Christine has traveled to festivals and workshops in the U.S and abroad pursuing instruction from internationally recognized, professional Argentine Tango competitors and instructors. For the last 4 years she has taught beside and performed with Ector Sr. Incorporating skills and techniques from various instructors from many different countries.


40261 Hwy 190 East | Slidell, LA. 70461

(985) 768-7952