Tango and Salsa Instructor

Ector Sr. grew up in Nicaragua and moved to New Orleans at the age of sixteen where he became an active member of the dance community studying and performing Latin and other partner dances. When Ector fell in love with Argentine Tango, he thoroughly studied its evolution, history, and many variations. Traveling all over, from New York to Buenos Aries to Portland. Ector studied with countless world famous instructors. Now, he is one of the most sought after instructors, dancer and performer in the Argentine Tango community, in this region and around the globe. He has been teaching various styles of dancing for more than 15 years, and has taught classes as far as Beijing and Hong Kong. His background in many types of dance and his intense passion for Tango results in a smooth and seductive style, his precise interpretation of the music, and highly advanced lead to follow. Ector feels that dance is the most challenging adventure of his life.


40261 Hwy 190 East | Slidell, LA. 70461

(985) 768-7952